Xactform SA, founded in 1985, is one of the most important tool makers in thread milling and thread by turning. Pioneer in this specific field, it developed its own technology to machine solid carbide mills and laydown inserts. Xactform is a reference in this field for regular or special tools.

Thread milling: productivity gain

Xactform products increases machining times and reduce standby production with longer tool life. The result is all benefit for threading productivity.

Special tools on demand and standard tools

Xactform catalogue offers a large range of standard tools for every thread norm. However, about half of the annual production meets the special needs requested by the users.

SWISS MADE: precision and reliability

Xactform exigency performs all over the world with the Swiss Made label. Strict controls warrant precision and reliability.

Fast worldwide delivery

Xactform stocks all standard tools to reduce delivery times, enabling you to start on your new project quickly.


Xactform is a pioneer in thread milling. Since a quarter century, they acquired an incomparable know-how in threading.

1985: Foundation of Xactform le Landeron (Switzerland)
1992: Xactform SA became a corporation in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), purchase of the first plant in Neuchâtel
1995: Building of the 1st 5 axes grinding machine
1997: Purchase of second building
2001: Construction of 6 axes grinding machine
2006: Xactform USA becomes a subsidiary of Xactform SA
2009: Buyout of Xactform by PX GROUP SA
2017: Integration of Xactform to PX TOOLS SA

«The trials we carried out at University of Nottingham [] proved that the tooling solutions of Xactform have a three time longer machining times than the other current solutions.»

Iulian Marinescu, Researcher,
University Park Nottingham